My Morning Routine

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my mornings. I’ve always been a morning person – the annoying type that is up at the crack of dawn, making coffee, breakfast, and going to the gym…all while being super loud and waking up my fiancee but thats another story… basically what you see people on television do in the mornings and think to yourself ” people don’t do this in real life” , is what I do.

There have obviously been times in my life where I haven’t followed a morning routine and during those times I found myself depressed, unmotivated, and lazy. So now I like to assure that I start my days off right by following the same routine every day.

I truly believe that how you start your day can have a huge impact on your entire day. For example; if you were to wake up 30 minutes before you had to be at work and had to rush to get ready and maybe because you were rushing, you spilled coffee on yourself on your way out of the house. So had to run and change clothes and in result ended up late for work and because of that your boss was upset with you all day which would stress you out for the rest of your day, essentially leaving your day ruined.

Thats obviously a hypothetical example. But something like that could easily be avoided by assuring that you were awake just an extra 30 minutes. So you didn’t have to rush getting ready and could maybe even sit down and enjoy your coffee before leaving the house.

In fact studies have shown that “When it comes to doing cognitive work, for example, most adults perform best in the late morning”. So if we perform best in the late morning, we should assure that we are at our best work level by taking the extra time to wake ourselves up properly by creating a morning routine.


Every morning routine should include; eating, some sort of physical activity, and some form of meditation.

I wanted to share my morning routine that I follow religiously and maybe it will inspire or help some of you with creating yours.

My Morning Routine

  • I wake up every morning between 530 – 6am. I don’t set an alarm because I just automatically get up at that time now. The first thing I do when I wake up is feed my animals. I have two cats and two dogs, and I can’t do anything to wake myself up until they are looked after first.
  • After I feed the zoo, I start making a pot of unicorn blood ( aka coffee). While thats brewing, I prepare my almond milk coffee creamer ( I like to mix up what flavour of coffee I want, so its different everyday).
  • Once I have my unicorn blood I’ll put on some sort of reality tv show and watch that while enjoying my coffee. This is what I do for meditation. It seems silly, I know, but it helps my mind stop thinking about everything else that needs to be done in the day and just focus on the show. It’s what works best for me and I enjoy it, so why stop?
  • Once I am finished my coffee, I’ll stop watching my show and get ready for the gym. When I don’t go to the gym, I’ll do a 4 minute plank in my bedroom to get some sort of physical activity in the morning.
  • After exercising I like to recharge with a smoothie, followed by showering and getting ready for the day.


Thats it, my morning routine. It’s nothing crazy, but it’s what I do every morning before doing anything else for the day. When I can’t follow my routine for some reason, it just off sets the rest of my day.




A Night in Tulum


Tulum is one of our favourite places to visit here in the Riviera Maya. It’s world famous beaches and Mayan Ruins are just a couple of reasons to visit. It’s the perfect place for a staycation for those of us who live near by, and for those who are on vacation we highly recommend that you do an overnight trip.  Continue reading “A Night in Tulum”

Yoga by the Sea

We are super excited to announce that we will be taking the yoga teachers training course this Fall at Yoga by the Sea in Playa Del Carmen. I only started practicing yoga a few months ago and fell in love with everything about it. At first, I started doing it to help with stress and anxiety (which helped greatly) but I ended up noticing physical side effects too – like better posture, more strength, more toned, and even weight loss!

After going to class every day for a month, one of the teachers told me that she could see me teaching yoga and that I should look into the teachers training course (she had taken the same course and was my first teacher at the studio). After that, I looked into the program and decided that it was definitely something that I wanted to do. I want to learn everything about the practice and to have the ability to educate others on it as well.

I went to Vancouver to visit friends and family. While I was there I saw Niki (my blogging partner and best friend) and told her about this new journey I´m going to start. She has always loved yoga and also has been very intrigued about learning more about it. A few days later she told me that she too was going to take the course with me to learn more about the practice.

We couldn´t be more thrilled to do this together and can´t wait for it to start and to share the experience with everyone.


xxo c&n


Coco Boutique in Playa del Carmen

We are obsessed with this new boutique that opened up in Playa del Carmen – Coco Boutique – it is located on 26th street between 5th ave and 10th ave. The store is absolutely beautiful and has the cutest stuff! It is super affordable too in comparison to some of the other chic boutiques located in Playa. Continue reading “Coco Boutique in Playa del Carmen”

Orly Sec ‘N Dry

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 7.22.38 AMDo you ever paint your nails – and as soon as you put on the last coat, hit your almost dry nail? Or have you ever left the salon, because you think your nails are dry and you end up ruining them as soon as you walk out the door? This drives us nuts! We have been on the hunt for a fast drying topcoat and have tried and tested a few. Continue reading “Orly Sec ‘N Dry”

Catastrophe Cosmetic

These past couple of weeks I’ve been noticing that my skin is getting especially irritated and red and my current skincare wasn’t fixing the problem. During my recent visit to Lush, I picked up one of their fresh face masks called Catastrophe Cosmetic ($7.95CAD). This came highly recommend from the lady helping me, telling me that this would help calm my skin. After using the mask once, I noticed a huge improvement in my skin and with continued use it keeps on getting better! Continue reading “Catastrophe Cosmetic”